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Receive A 15-Year Warranty On StruXure

Use our smart phone app to adjust your pergola for as much (or as little) sunlight as you desire, fully integrated with Alexa voice control, too.

Made of aircraft grade extruded aluminum, making them extremely sturdy and an asset that increases the value of your home.

Our integrated rain sensor automatically closes your pergola when rain begins to fall, so your guests and furniture always stay comfortable and dry.

State-of-the-art "smart louver" technology pivots over 170 degrees to control sun and shade with the touch of a button or phone.

Engineered to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy snow loads; perfect for any environment on Earth.

Powder coated aluminium cannot rust and is extremely resistant to deterioration; virtually maintenance-free.

StruXure’s Patented Louvered Pergola Gives You The Ultimate Control & Flexibility

Patio Roof Covers

No sun, dark lighting & colder

Total overhead coverage at all times

Total overhead coverage at all times

Boring and stodgy

Retractable Awnings

Full protection from the sun when in use. Keeps your space cool.

Total shade coverage when extended

Coverage from the sun and rain when extended

Depends on the design, only when extended

Conventional Pergola

Plenty of sun (often too much)

Only for a few hours depending on sun’s angle

No rain protection as the slats are fixed

Beautiful and refined

StruXure Pergola

Full adjustable, perfect sun exposure at all times

Full adjustable, perfect shade amount at all times

Auto closes in rain. Water tight gutters.

Elegant, beautiful and refined. Customizable.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Enhancement

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